The Long Way to the Knotsmen Market (1 of 2)

Finally, my LotFP-pals and I met again. I guess it was last year or so when were able to play. Naturally, the recap was more a quick re-narration of mine about the latest events and we all were a bit clumsy in regard to some of the rules at first. But, the Adventures of the Three continued!

After they had have a (surprisingly) peaceful and amicable initially meeting (one or two sessions ago) with what they would later learn to be “Knotsmen” in some caverns deep beneath the surface of the earth (which they would later come to know as the Veins of the Earth (in general) and the Pilgrimage of Hunger (in particular)), the Three had decided to establish a lucrative trade with the Knotsmen (iron rations for gems, gold and/or Funginid Slaves). The only turn-down to them: they would have to embark on a 24 hour journey through the Veins. At the beginning of this session, they were already 1/4 through it.

So, the session actually started with a break the adventures took after they have left a series of faults and cracks that led them into a huge natural cavern, from which they were to enter the tunnels and shafts of an ominous, depleted, multi-level abandoned mine. Their rest was rather uneventful but for three things: the growing movements in the darkness above seem since they had entered the cavern (which Jasper, the Specialist, was able to identify as a bats (or the most likely equivalent down here, MANY hours away from the surface), sporadic sounds of something moving about somewhere in the cave (which I described as “a quick, dry sound like rustling leaves”) and a pair of large catlike eyes starring at them from the dark. It did not react to Cormagh (the Dwarf) hailing it, but turned and left as they reached for their weapons.

The “Mine Labyrinth” they then had to navigate for hours surprised them with its vastness (they had moved through three levels before they left it) and the fact that it featured a supporting structure made of actual wood (“why has nobody plundered it so far? This must be a rarity down here!”). Through their whole time within it, they found themselves surrounded by the groaning of old wood, strange sounds and noises from corridors and tunnels -far- away as well as the sounds of dripping water and trickling of dust and little stones, always from somewhere else. They sticked to the route mapped-out for them by the signs of the Knotsmen. It was in these mines that they had their first “real Veins Encounter” in the form of a Hand of Gargas (or as the player of Jasper called it: “one of the things we can do nothing about”).

GM NOTE: I have to admit that I changed the rules governing the Hand -slightly-*.

Pour Angus (the Fighter; player and character find themselves at the wrong end of unfriendly encounters in this LotFP-game more often then not) suddenly was overcome with the calling of his Master Seargent to join the ranks in a glorious and omni-important battle… and only as the Angus was short of touching the wall the Fighter realized that all of this was more than just odd… and was able to perceive the Hand itself. Only as he called out to the other “Boys!!” did they turned around and noticed that their rear guard was in trouble. The Fighter did his level best to prevent himself from touching the wall while struggling against the grip of this strange giant-hand-manifestation while Jasper´s and Cormagh´s attempts to drive of the hand were (seemingly) futile* (Cormagh´s ax went through it with very little resistance, Jasper tried to use water against it after the player(!) got the idea for me describing some of the sensation as “static electricity”). In the end, Angus was able to wrestle free on his own… and suffered a strange vision of a copper tower in front of a silver sky that at the same time tumbled, sunk and melted away in a see of boiling brass-black… a sensation like a civilization had just ended.

The player of Angus first explained the vision in-character like one of the Seven Trumpets the priests preached about. I have to salute his attempts of in-character play.

They later stumbled about an example of what the hand could do: the dried-out, mummy-like husk of a dead Knotsmen, kneeling next to a wall, touching it in the middle of perfect circle of unnatural blackness.

The rest of their long journey saw them dealing with mostly minor obstacles (this route was not dangerous wilderness, but had been traveled many times before), till they reached the entrance to the trade outpost of the Knotsmen. Mostly, the session featured long pieces of narration by me with only little decisions and reactions ask from them… but to my delight, they all told me that it was good session to them in the end (the prepared soundtrack for the session helped me a lot). Which may or may not have to do with the events at the end of the session: the Knotsmen Market.

To be continued….

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