20 Vendors at a Knotsmen Market

As my game current LotFP group are heading to a trading post of the Knotsmen in the Veins of the Earth, I had to prepare some other vendors but the one they were to visit. Here is what I came up with, so that you too may have something to provide to your players if they ever come across a place like this.

#01: A vendor of clothes made of spider silk. His family is one of the few that was able to purchase iron scissors and needles, which helps greatly in producing quality robes and other garments. Those that come to buy form him but are not at least wearing macemaker silk, he will treat with a level of cold, barely veiled arrogance.  He buys his fabrics from…

#02: A local merchant of spider silk and other fabrics. His family are among the few who own actual looms (made of bone). He is very talkative, and either busy appraising his wares or complimenting his clients.

#03: A Funginid Slave Trader who is a quiet, professional slave trainer and seller. His fingers are so twisted by knots that one of his slaves has to act as his hand. The slaves he offers are not (just) those that have been freshly brought in from who-knows-where, but those that were already trained and “raised” to have a certain personality. If more than just a dumb worker is needed, he may already have it.

#04: A young dealer in edible dried fungus, actually an apprentice of the owner of the fungal “farm” the goods are produced at. His food is a bit less expensive (about 10 – 15%) than the usual 1-lumen-per-10-calories ratio (see VotE core rules), but will go off after 1d3+1 days. In addition, he will be unable to offer more than 2d6 x 1000 calories worth of food on a given day. There is only so much food available, and the “open market” is only served after those who are “citizens” had a chance to buy their share.

#05: An immaculate clean provider of ropes, dressed in macemaker silk (who is known, among the his peers, as somebody who wear most of his belongs in form of just this robe). His goods are made from spidersilk (sometimes with very long hair added in). He sells rope for 1 lumen per feet in a length up to 20 feet, and twice that much for rope that is longer.

#06: A young and ragged-looking maker of tools. All his goods are made from stone or bone. Most of them are of cavemen-level (“cromagnon”, to be precise), but without a local forge to produce iron tools, this is the best what is available. He is timid, thin and desperate to earn just a bit more money so that he may at some point buy some food again.

#07: A leather-worker that provides sturdy clothes, foot wrapping and mittens as well as light armor (AC: 13). The majority of his products are (of course) made of the skins of his own kinsmen and/or fellow citizens. He has a dull gaze and always acts like he would just have woke up or would have been awake for at least 20 hours by now.

#08: A weapon smith whose ears are folded downward at the upper half from the heavy knots that formed in them. Aside from the clubs, spears and monstrous tooth-daggers, he sells axes, maces and swords of iron as well. All these are “cold-forged” (which means: the iron was hammered and grounded into shape without actual heating). They are inferior to steel weapons and will start to rust if not kept try. Still, these might be among the best available weapons in more than a days travel.

#09: A sage and apothecary that sells simple cures, wound treatments and poisons. His wares are made from cave mushroom, Funginid organs and spores, and different minerals. To those who are obviously rich, he may even be able to offer one(!) stinger of an Atomic Bee (see VotE). As he is among the few that knows how to treat an illness, those who are in charge make sure to keep him fed and alive.

#10: A butcher that offers up to 4d6 x 1.000 calories in iron rations in the form of cured meat and sausages (1 lumen per 10 calories). All of his goods are VERY salty. His regular “fresh meat” comes from the work force of the community: those that are to old, ill or crippled to be productive. If approached by somebody who is starving but unable to afford, the butcher will make an offer: food for his lower arm. He is not a sadist, and actually skilled enough at amputations to make it a quick thing with as little pain as possible. He can even treat and cauterize the wound in a way that will make the poor wretch conscious, but have no risk of losing his life due to shock.

#11: Younger Knotman hawker with a number of bone made instruments. He has less than a dozen, most are flutes made of bone, but he has one instrument like a banjo, made of bone and sinew and the shell of a large albino turtle. He is not making them for a living, but “on the side”. For somebody as cadaverous as he is, he is astoundingly warm, kind and friendly. Perhaps the hunger has numbed him already.

#12: An older Knotmen, with the head and arms twisted in painful ways and a left leg barely fit for walking anymore. He sells booze in clay jugs. It is booze produced from by a Funginid Slave (see number 19 on p.62 VotE). The character will find out that it is actually cheaper to get drunk than to get fed.

#13: An incredible dull, dumb but (for his age) sparsely-knotted Gordianite that sells wide, stumpy candles made from tallow. Each of his candles burns for 1d4+8 turns. He sells them for 40 lumen a piece, for that is what they are worth as food. That you may light them in pinch is just an option.

#15: A Gordianite hawker clad in Stormsilk, accompanied by Funginid Slave that carries his wares in a large bundles, bound to his back: torches made from human femur (and similar bones), tar and fur (or whatever else was handy to hold the tar). He sells them for a lumen a piece, but each of them has a 2-in-6 chance to only last 5 or even just 4 turns (d6; a 5 or 4 indicates the decreased duration. All other results mean the torch will last the regular 6 turns). He sells his wares in bundles of 10 (as most people will have nothing to barter that is worse less than 10 lumen).

#16: A very hungry shroom gardener that sells his current batch of Fungal Lamps (see p.195 VotE). Any given shroom will continue to shine for 5d6 turns after the moment of purchase, but he will want nothing less than 3 lumen a piece.

#17: A stuck-up Knotsmen in Macemakersilk that sits in front of a a rock that glows by itself. It is a Magic-Users Apprentice that has two Continual Lights left to cast, and will do so for 30 Lumen per spell. “You will find no light more convenient than the one my magic is able to create, and I will cast it onto anything you own, or onto yourself if you wish so.”

#17: A leather-clad Gordianite that sells thick coats of shaggy, dirty-white fur that will provide a +3 bonus to CON against Hypothermia as long as dry (!) and +1 bonus to AC against attacks with damage not greater than 1d6. 20 lumen a piece.

#18: Salt merchant that offers his wares (grounded rock salt) in small leather pouches. For 3 lumen, a character may buy enough salt to preserve up to 600 lumen worth of flesh (see VotE p.320).

#19: Far traveling merchant that offers helmets and chain mail, akin to those that the Weeping Knights wear. As good as they may be by Vein´s standards, they are inferior to steel weapons from above (-1 in AC against such mediums weapons, -2 in AC against Great Weapons).

#20: An old and twisted storyteller that whisper to those that want to hear them descriptions and allegories of the moon and the starlit sky. Listening to those will make the listener feel dazed and conscious thought seep away. If the storyteller´s whispers are still listened to, the character doing so loses 2d6 x100 xp (or all that are there), but whenever the character sleeps, his or her dreams of the starlit sky will manifest about him or her (Strength 20 light source). Upon awaking, the character suffer 1d6-2 damage to INT and WIS (regained at a rate of one point per hour).



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