[VotE] Dvargir Encounters

Time for a few more encounters for the Veins of the Earth. This time, five encounters with Dvargir are provided. I thought about making 12 of them, but actually ended up with only 5 that I deemed “worthy” in the end. Perhaps I can come up with some more on another day. For now, these five have to suffice. Enjoy!

#01: Wounded Dvargir

A Dvargir warrior (3rd level Dwarf) with bleeding cuts and a very nasty looking head wound (only 3 hit point left) stumbles towards the PC. It carries a one-handed warhammer (light weapon) and is clad in iron-studded leather (AC: 14). Although it is near death, it will attack anyone and anything it encounters. The Dvargir carries nothing on his person but his weapon and armor. His eyes are wide, and after a pause he will attack the nearest PC (no matter what they do), pause…attack again.. and repeat until killed. He acts like a damaged automaton.

The encounter is a result of a skirmish between a group of Dvargir and a third party of the Referee´s choice (best if inedible!). When the characters follow the trail of blood stains the Dvargir left in its wake for at least ´5 turns, they will come upon the site of the skirmish. The Dvargir won, and packed up most of the valuable things before they moved back to where they came from, but there are still two Dvargir corpses with daggers and helmets (and as many corpses of their opponents as the Referee deems fitting).

#02: Mining Operation

An expedition of the Dvargir works a recently discovered minor coal deposit. In the light of a Luminol Lamp, six laborers (Level 0 Dwarfs) work the cave surface of the deposit with picks, two further workers remove the pieces of coal and rock with spades while another two Dvargir (1st Level Dwarfs clad in studded leather and armed with a spear, a sling and a hatchet each) stand on guard around them in a semi circle. A second lamp has been positioned strategically (exact position is up to the Referee). The guards order anybody to back off, and are unwilling to trade. The situation may escalate quickly if the PC decide to stay or linger in the shadows.  Aside from the mentioned equipment and several pounds of coal (that still has to be broken out of the encasing rock), the ten Dvargir have between them  ten crampons, ten knives, eight sacks made from rough silk, six picks, two breaking hammers, two 40´ropes (spidersilk), two grapnels, Luminol (72 Lumen) and Veins Rations worth 3300 sp.

#03: Scouts

Two Dvargir scouts (2nd Level Dwarfs, armed with hatchet and clad in soft leather (AC: 13)) on a reconnaissance mission. They each have a small, green glowing rock as a lamp, that is strapped to the chest in a flat metal sheet box which they may cover with an iron shutter (Light Strength 10; slightly radioactive: Save vs. Death each day or lose one point of CON). The two will do their best to keep out of sight of the characters, but within earshot. They will try to follow the character for up two a day before they retreat. Aside from the mentioned equipment, they have 300sp worth in Veins Rations between them (they stock up with whatever they can harvest from the surrounding while they go on). If the characters do not spot them and/or do not try to hunt them down, they will return to their home base after about a day of observation.

#04: Cleansing Team

A team of six heavily armed Dvargir warriors have been sent into this area to rid it of every potential danger to future Dvargir operations. (2nd level Dwarfs, Strength 15 and CON 15; Light Chainmail over heavy leather aprons, and leather bracers over quilted limb protection (AC:15); spears and short swords; two of them are armed with simple black powder pistols). If the characters are an obviously overwhelming opposition, the Dvargir will retreat to come back with reinforcements, but there will be 2 days before they return. If the characters seem meek or cowardly, the Dvargir will deem a simple show of force to be enough to drive the PC off. If the PC carry themselves like potential trouble or formidable opponents, the Dvargir will attack them.

Between them they have 4.000 sp in Veins rations, six bedrolls, two luminol lamps with luminol worth a total of 500 lumen and diverse adventuring gear (that will match the region encountered in). The half of the rations are two days old, chopped up parts of the latest opponent of the cleansing team.

#05: Farm Lake

A trio of Dvargir in storm silk guard a large underground lake in a vast cave. The cave itself has many moving lights inside (a species of cave fish that glows with Strength 20, even 2d6 hours after their death) and the water is thick with a brownish algae. In the middle, air bubbles up from it. Tthe water is warm. The Dvargir, who are armed with light crossbows and the equivalent of pole arms, guard this “Farm” which provides food and light for Dvargir operations in the area. Only leftovers of a carcass and about 50 lumen worth of luminol have to be dumped into the water every other month to provide enough nutrients to keep the ecosystem of the lake stable. They -may- be willing to trade the right to catch a few fish for stronger light (at least Strength 30) or special equipment (the more sophisticated, the better.. they will give it to the Dvargir patrol to come around). The fish, if gutted just the right way (which is known to the Dvargir that guard the lake) may be turned into into a Light of Decay (VotE p. 195). In that case, the fish yields no edible parts.


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