[VotE] 10 Spell-Sets for Aelf-Adal

In my current LotFP game, I use the Aelf-Adal from Veins of the Earth and their (in my game) Re-awakened Nightmare War against the Dreamers as cause for much (but not all) of the heinous supernatural occurrences that now begin to emerge in England and the rest of the world.  Naturally, this will lead to future encounters with Aelf-Adal, likely with an ever-increasing frequency. As I decided to portray minor NPC of them as Elves with a level between the 1st and the 3rd, I had to think about the spells they might use. To avoid fitting them with “what is most useful in just THIS situation RIGHT NOW”, I have put down 10 Low-Level Spell-Sets for Aelf-Adal.

Depending on their level, my minor Aelf-Adal NPC will have access to one or two 1st Level Magic-User spells, and the more powerful will have access to a 2nd Level spell as well. I used a mix of the standard spells from the Player Core Book with the Speleo Spells of the Veins. It was important to me not to simply roll each single spell randomly, but to group them according to some “function” of the Aelf-Adal in question. The first spell in each of the following entries is the 2nd Level spell, and all Speleo spells are marked with an asterix*, ….but I doubt that most of you folks will have trouble to identify the latter by name alone. Some spells provide a kind of minion or a certain item instead of an immediate effect. Thereby, the knowledge of the spell signals the presence of according minion/item.


#01: The Intruder
Change Self; Charm; Comprehend Languages

The full spell set will allow a 3rd level Aelf-Adal to mingle with a group of randomly met people, befriend them and gain some information. All without revealing the own nature. Those of lower level will still be able to forge “unwilling alliances” with strangers via Charm.

#02: The Combatant
Phantasmal Force; Magic Missile; Faerie Fire

I love to equip Aelf-Adal with Phantasmal Force. With all the nightmarish creatures -they- have seen, it allows for a plethora of bizzar entities, and the trick suits their nature just sooo fine. The fact that the Phantasmal will only exist for a mere moment is… acceptable. Magic Missile is a powerful weapon, and Faerie Fire should be very useful in the Veins.


#03: The Traveler in the Veins
Levitate; Calcite Gab*; Cryobrite Bridge*

I thought about Spider Climb, but no Veins-Dweller should be traveling without means to climb walls anyway. Levitation is more graceful, and Nightmare Elves should be just that. Moving through calcite and creating bridges at whim suits my (regal) picture of the Aelf-Adal, too. They should travel in style.


#04: Nightbreed
Continual Darkness; Darkness; Heat Ghost*

Anybody will notice that this “set” is born of my personal need to use the Darkness spells with a breed like the Aelf-Adal. Darkness, the sudden unexpected loss of sight, combined with the presence of a hostile entity, is a recipe for terror. Being able to fool those that rely on thermal vision alone with a Heat Ghost was just the icing on the cake.


#05: The Disguised Hand
Invisibility; Unseen Servant, Speleogrowth*

I like the combination of Invisibility and the Unseen Servant. It allows to come and go unseen while the use of the servant instead of the own hands circumvents the drawing  f attention to the real position of the invisible. Being able to block a path with Speleogrowth is a nice trick as well, so not related to the other two spells per se (and thereby perhaps “out of theme”).


#06: The Mediator
Un-Suspectable Servant*; Charm (x2);

Would an Aelf-Adal truly negotiate anything with anybody not of the own kind? I think not. Thereby, the list uses Charm once more, and on the double. It simply -is- a far to powerful spell to be ignored. The malevolent deeds possible with the Un-Suspectable Servant “while already being here” just adds to the poisonous hateful interaction I have in mind when I think about the Nightmare Elves and anybody else. Plus, the deeds of the Un-Suspectable Servant will not trigger the possible break of Charm that the very same actions may very well do when done by the Aelf-Adal in person.


#07: The Suppressor
Ray of Enfeeblement; Reduce; Shield

The Suppressor is not so much about combat or destructing, but more about being a show of superiority. An Aelf-Adal with this “set” will not come looking for trouble, but when trouble arises he/she/it will deal with it with an air of supremacy. It might also be the spell set for a “Minder” whose task is to act as a liaison to an “ally”. Or of an assistant to a slave herder.


#08: The Slaver
Web; Brain Slave*; Charm

This set is meant for those NPC that are either actively hunting (new or escaped) slaves or have to keep a bunch of them in line. Having a Brain Slave as a substitute for a loyal dog is just terrific.


#09: The Messenger
Magic Mouth; Comprehend Languages; Wait*

Sometimes, all that has to be done is to deliver a message, and to make sure that the recipient is listening. For the later, Wait is a just wonderful spell.


#10: The Summoner
Phantasmal Force; Matchstick Men*; Summon

At first, I wanted to omit the Summon spell from this list. I am afraid I am having way to much fun using it, and thereby end up using it more often than not. But… aawww, screw it! Nightmare Elves that summon nightmarish things are just to enticing to me, and that Matchstick Men spell just called for a “set” like that. Personally, I consider everything that an Aelf-Adal brings forth through Summon to have the Dream-Matter quality (LotFP PCR; p.134), by default.

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