[RPG/SG:U] Synthface Mask

To many folks and factions in a Cyberpunk setting, surveillance is king. Facial recognition software is mass market ware, some zones and districts have cameras at every corner. While it is not illegal to hide the own face, it may generate suspicion. Especially when one is the only one wearing a filter mask today or if the mask is an obvious one. Suspicion leads to security/identity checks. Checks during which one is to lift the mask so that face and ID can be checked. Those willing to pay money to avoid such checks while concealing their identity turn to Synthmasks.

[Cyberpunk item idea; complete with Sprawl Goons: Upgraded compatible rules].

Synthmasks are artificial faces sculpted based on a randomly generated computer model of a randomly generated human face. The mask is made of the same bio-synthetic skin that is used for the face grafts on cybrids and will raise no suspicion on a glance. Especially when some make up is used to cover the area around the eyes (where the eye openings are molded to the real face beneath) or when shades are worn. Some advanced recognition systems may identify a synthmask. Some advanced synthmasks made by con-artisans may or may not fool advance systems.

Security personnel may identify a synthmask during a check (DS10). The risk gets higher when a closer look is given (DS12) or a longer conversation takes place (DS14).

At which price a synthmask gives a higher bonus than +1 or if the cheapest version causes a GLITCH to the above mentioned rolls is up to the referee.

Suggestion: +1 to +3 for the 100-300 b¥ price range


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