A different kind of Flora

A couple of days ago I watched Star Trek:Enterprise „Rogue Planet“ (Season 1 / Episode 18). It featured a planet that had drifted away from its sun and solar system, and now existed in a state of darkness. Live only existed at a few “oases” on the surface where heat from the planet´s core streamed […]

A few Diseases for OSR RPG

For one of the monsters in my Almanac of Blobs I had brewed up four simple fantasy disease (you cannot have an Infectiouse Blob without providing some diseases, too). If you need some simple-yet-fantastic illnesses that are yet treatable by mundane means, feel free to use the following four:

Got reviewed: Dark Summonings

I am always happy to learn about a review for one of my releases. Directorygold.com reviews a LOT of RPG titles (and very often, indie titles), and a few days ago my 2017 release of Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.03: Dark Summonings was graced with one. This piece of work had an odd reason-of-birth: […]

Monster for You: Demonic Blob

It has been a while since my last post, I hope you missed me. Fractured little me had the fingers in more than one pie, which kept me from finishing anything quick. But this will (hopefully!) change in the near future. In the meanwhile, I have a demonic blob for you, a by-product (but not […]