[MF] Eight Forms to morph into

The Metamorph mutation (MF p.25) gave me a bit of headache at first. What to morph into if it just changes the appearance and only allows to copy physical stats? Then I thought about the possibilities that come from morphing into anything the Mutant Future(tm)(!) would have to offer. The result was the following eight […]

BDT: Firearm Houserules

Actually, I don´t think that vampires in Blood Dark Thirst need to carry weapons. As long as they have two blood points to spare, they may activate Lighting Reflexes and Unnatural Strength. Combined, this makes them more than a match for any human target: they are fast enough to get in close within a second, […]

[MF] Loot in an abandoned Fire Station

This is a follow-up to my 12 Finds in a Repair Shop, and was inspired by this piece of PWYW-Stockart by JEShields. I used some of his stock art in other projects of mine and can recommend them. While this blog post comes without stock art, it does provide 12 new possible finds for the […]

[BDT] To Feed on Blood

It is all about the blood. During my first Blood Dark Thirst session my players (most of them former V:tM players) were a bit „surprised“ about the rules for the blood pool and its replenishment. One player pointed out that “you need to drink all the damn time”, for there was -no- power that was […]

[LotFP] What is on the mule

Being a GM is about labors of love. Either that, or I am doing it wrong. My current (October 2018) LotFP group (that started out as “the Dunnsmouth Three”; whose adventures may be found here) did not only manage to leave Dunnsmouth alive, but with fat purses as well. Before their next adventure, they decided […]