[German/Balderdash] Zitate

“Wir werden (…) in die Opposition gehen” (nicht so lange her. Zitat von einem Mann der mir durch die Aussage kurzfristig wieder etwas sympathischer wurde) “Bätschi, sage ich dazu nur!” (auch nicht so lange her.  Zitat von einer Frau die mir vorher kaum aufgefallen war) “Wer hat uns verraten…?” (SEHR, sehr lange her, ein Zitat […]

FLASHSALE: Looks&Details of post-apocalyptic Marauders

Hi everyone, I just initiated a flashsale on drivethrurpg.com: Gregorius21778: Looks&Details of post-apocalyptic Marauders will be on sale for $0.30 till 21st of January 2018. Well, for those who use this link, anway: I created this offer for those who read my drivethrurpg.com newsletter (which I send monthly) and those who read my blog. Looks […]

RPG Background Tracks for Free

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Plate Mail Games is offering a small collection of their titles as free bundle over there at drivethrurpg.com. Of course I could not resist and grabbed the package. As my followers already know, I like to use rpg tracks to enhance my sessions, and I mentioned […]

Encounters at a Rivergate

In December 2017 Miska Fredman released a map on his blog he named The Dwarven Rivergate. A rivergate is basically a small fortress (or large tower) in the middle of large bridge. Manned by a few men-at-arms, it is a good way to keep undesirables out (or to at least hinder their traveling), to raise […]