[LotFP] 10 Demons of Hell

In his Going Through Forbidden Worlds, Zzarchov Kowolski leaves it to the GM to create several demonic encounters for the adventure itself. For doing so he points to the Summon spell (LotFP Player Core Rules p. 134) and/or the Random Esoteric Creature Generator while also giving the advice that many of the creatures encountered may […]

[BDT] Of “Being bad at something”

I have been through two impromptu character creations in Blood Dark Thirst by now, and the one step were I found random tables to be the most useful was things the character is bad at. While some of my players were quick to pick those for their characters, others had trouble to make a choice. […]

[OSR] Turn Management Sheet

I made a time management sheet for GM and players, based on the OSR-typical 10-minute time unit known as “the turn”. The sheet has room for 88 turns, which is the equivalent of more than 14 hours of in-game time… a whole day of adventuring! Each number turn has a little space for notes next […]