My OSR style

  • AC:12 is the armor class of an unarmored person
  • Higher AC means better armor
  • Silver pieces are the standard coin of the game world, which means that the characters will loot hundreds of sp in a game session (instead of hundreds of gp).
  • Dead characters are replaced with 2nd level characters that start with (3d6x10)+300 sp (money or equipment)
  • “Minimum hit points per hit dice” rules are applied during level up, too.
  • House rules for Healing Spells
  • A cleric does not need to prepare spells but may choose freely from those available. All other limitations to available spells and spell casting are still applied
  • A Magic-User may instantly exchange a prepared spell with one of his or her spellbook, BUT this results in an unsave casting: a Saving Throw vs Magic is rolled, a failure means that the GM may come up with any kind of result.