My own RPG products

I am not only a gamer but also dabble at being an independent RPG supplement writer. You can find my products on

The following of my stuff is “pay-what-you-want”. Basically, you can grab the titles for free, but please remember that everything counts in large amounts.

Lists with Names!

100 Names for Androids and other Artificial Beings

100 Names for Starships in Private Hands

100 Sternenschiffnamen

132 German Names

50 German Names for Towns / Villages

99 Names for Roadwarrior Vehicles

99 Names for Space Colonies and Fringe Worlds

100 German, Neo-Romantic Starship Names

Stuff for Mutant Future(tm)

20 further Details for Random Monster Encounters in the Wilderness (was one of my first releases ever… and it shows).

20 Malfunctions for Futuristic Energy Weapons

20 Irradiated Weird Events for Post-Apocalyptic Campfire Nights

Weather for the dry badlands of the Post-Apocalypse

30 Things to be Afraid of

Other Post-Apocalyptic Stuff

6 Trade Offers in the Post-Apocalypse

Post-Apocalyptic Die Drop Table (my very first Die Drop Table)

Stuff for Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm) and Labyrinth Lord(tm)

10 Mighty Magical Weapons

20 Encounters in the Ruins of the Elder Beings

Causes for Curses

Ye ol´mad monk (the beginnings of your adventures are to vanilla? Meet Wilbur!)

Free Stuff! (because sometimes, I don´t even -want- your money!)

20 Bookplate Spirits (all hail Eric F.!)

Melee Weapon House Rules

The Devouring Tome

Healing Spell House Rules