My own RPG products

I am not only a gamer but also dabble at being an independent RPG supplement writer. You can find my products on

Free-PWYWAll of this stuff is “pay-what-you-want”. Basically, you can grab the titles for free, but please remember that everything counts in large amounts.

Names_TitlesOver time I created a large array of names for this and that, if you would like to have a list at hand to avoid getting stuck in the midst of the session, those here may come handy.

Random_EncountersI always enjoyed to brew up random (and not-so-random) encounters, especially to fill up “gaps” in provided modules.


GM ToolsLists, game aids, printable resources etc.

By the by, I write all of these for different genres and games (when they allow 3rd party publishing). Just click the one you like the most!  I am not affiliated with any of the listed publisher I write compatible products for.




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