Gregorius21778 January 2019 UPDATE

I hope you made it into 2019 without any hassle and have by now settled in with the fact that it is not so different from the year before it. Well, some things are different. And among those are the new releases of mine since my last monthly update.

The Lair of the Soup Wyrm

Last time I introduced you to the Soup Wyrm and its Wyrm Soup. But players would not be players if their characters would not sooner or later start nosing around in places they are not meant to be. Like, the Lair of the Soup Wyrm. Read on to learn about the lair and the soup […]

[VotE] The Soup Wyrm

In the Veins of the Earth (well, at least in my version of it), there is a cave with numerous fused stalagmites and stalactites. In the floor a round hole with peculiar smooth walls may be found, 4 feet in diameter. It leads down like a tunnel, and from it emanates a green glow. This […]

A Report of Things I did Wrong.

Well, last Saturday I met with my Fate(tm) RPG group again. I was going to sent them away from the Northern Wall (think “The Wall” from Game of Thrones and you get the picture) to accompany a cleric (in this case it means: Paladin) to the ruin of a tower about two days travel away. […]