The Crimson Darkness Below

One of my very first “fan projects” was a collection of additional scenes for the chapter “The Red Cages” of “Tattered Fates”, the first module of the Haarlock´s Legacy (for Dark Heresy). The positive feedback I got back then at the FFG forum encouraged me to write more and more of those “additional material” fan […]

[40K] Bone Charm Peddler

[Bone Charm Peddler] A long time ago I wrote up some scenes and fluff for the Hive World of Volg, which is part of the Calixis Sector (and thereby the official background for the 1st edition of DarkHeresy). One of this contributions was the Bone Charm Peddler, which I know release again (with better grammar).

Traits for 40k Underhive Gangers

40K underhive gangs. I don´t know about you, but I cannot say (or write) the word without pictures of brutal men forming in my mind, short haired or bald, muscle-packed and tattooed, with a mean gleam in their eyes and a dastardly grin on their faces. They are the kind of people that survive by […]

“Rivals for Glory” -AddOn

As FFG released its GM-Kit for BlackCrusade(tm), the booklet included a small-scale adventure called “Rivals for Glory”. Back then, I was still big about writing “fanware add-ons” for the different 40K-RPG titles and eventually ended up writing one for this module, too. Now, that my English is better and my available StockArt-pool grows, I re-release […]