One Page Dungeon 2018

OPG 2018 is over, and among the winners is… me! Yes, my dear readers, Lost in the Coldbless Caves made it. Okay, “barely made it” would be more precise as I am among the three last contestants whose entries made it into the “winners” list ( a total of 26 entries made it). I currently […]

[Session Prep] Nightmares in Caverns

GM´ing in panic mode. This should not happen, but it does. It happened to me last Sunday. I had my LotFP group at my place again, narrated their return to Spillswick, had them meet ye alchemist (and Turlough), sell and their loot and even had them hooked for THEIR trip to Mudheath… and somewhere after […]

Morlocks at the Dive Bar

Miska Fredman is making a lot of good maps, and is kind enough to share the low-res versions with us on his website. One of his releases is labelled Space Cantina, but to me this is a future-metropolis dive bar, or perhaps a “bar and grill”. That kind of place that is nested somewhere in […]