Dunnsmouth… and beyond.

By now, I run two different games (with two different groups) in Dunnsmouth. One of them is just at the start of it, while the other has been through most of the encounters, the common as well as the „important ones“. As I am writing this, the tale of The Three Men that went to […]

Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P05)

Read here for the start of it all The three left Magda (under the guidance of Herod) and headed north, to visit Albert Dunlop and later Dicky Samson. After a while swamp water dominated the surface where ever they looked and the PC used their poles again to steer their swamp boat. More and more […]

Three Men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/04)

[This is the ongoing session report of my first take on Scenic Dunnsmouth] As the three left Dunc Samson´s grounds they heard the faint sound of a church bell in the distance, only recognizable as such as one listened closely to it. This was more than the adventurers had hoped for: by now, the absence […]

Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P03)

(If you missed the start of my session report to my first adventure “Scenic Dunnsmouth”, you can find it here) The three had to cross the river Dunn, and found out that the surrounding area was largely flooded. They set over cautiously, for the reed that grew high on both sides would provide excellent cover […]