6 happenings for an OSR tavern

There is no location that is used as often in OSR fantasy RPG as “the tavern”. In fact, I guess that taverns are even more prominent than dungeons. Sessions tend to start in it, leg work is done in them and more often than not the PC will spend an evening a night in one […]

Oh, the Stupidity! (Cambrimen)

The Veins of the Earth are home to a lot of strange beings. On a second thought, I would be hardly pressed to name even one creature or sentient being within that isn´t strange, horrible or both. A thing that the procedures of the MPAA taught us is that whenever there is horror, there must […]

Encounters at a Rivergate

In December 2017 Miska Fredman released a map on his blog he named The Dwarven Rivergate. A rivergate is basically a small fortress (or large tower) in the middle of large bridge. Manned by a few men-at-arms, it is a good way to keep undesirables out (or to at least hinder their traveling), to raise […]

Morlocks at the Dive Bar

Miska Fredman is making a lot of good maps, and is kind enough to share the low-res versions with us on his website. One of his releases is labelled Space Cantina, but to me this is a future-metropolis dive bar, or perhaps a “bar and grill”. That kind of place that is nested somewhere in […]