All the Fun of the Revelry

After I finished my encounters for the Red Cages, I was later asked for some additional ideas for the second part of Tattered Fates: the Revelry. Naturally, I just started to churn out post after post in the FFG forum (nobody complained about the horrible grammar and writing back then). Today, I finished another re-write […]

The Crimson Darkness Below

One of my very first “fan projects” was a collection of additional scenes for the chapter “The Red Cages” of “Tattered Fates”, the first module of the Haarlock´s Legacy (for Dark Heresy). The positive feedback I got back then at the FFG forum encouraged me to write more and more of those “additional material” fan […]

Go and pick up some Junk from the Beach

Hi everyone. This is not an environmental-conscious shout-out (after all, with what magical might shall I have you folks travel to the next beach to do charity work? I am well aware that most of you might be miles away from one, aren´t you?) but a shout-out for my latest Pay-What-You-Want title: Welcome to Junkbeach. […]

[SHA] The Rockyhill Badlands

I ´ve got another one for you folks, and this one is called The Rockyhill Badlands.  It is a set of 25 inter-linked encounters, with their own d100 Random Encounter table. They are meant to create an individual, named region for GM that look for a not-so-nondescript area to put the next post-apocalyptic dungeon into. […]

Encounters in a Mutated Swamp [MF]

I like to write random encounter tables. I really do. The inspiration in a nutshell approach one can take with them appeals to me and fits my current (lack of?) writing style. What I am talking about? My latest release, 20 Weird, Irradiated Encounters for a Mutated Post-Apocalyptic Swamp, which I promptly threw onto the […]

Down the Sump-River

The GM-Kit for the 2nd edition of DarkHeresy(tm) included an adventure module named Desolation of the Dead. As it was often the case with DH missions, it included sections where the GM was encouraged to add his or her own encounter in order to add some more flesh to the bones. I enjoyed doing so, […]