Fiend of Mudheath (Session 2; Part 2)

German Disclaimer for my LotFP players: Hallo, mein Spieler. Bitte lest dies hier erst wenn ich es freigebe, sonst SPOILERED ihr euch am Ende. Here is the second part of what happened during the second session of „The Fiend of Mudheath“ (as I played it with my FATE(tm) group. If you just came in, you […]

Session Rep: Fiend of Mudheath (FATE)

German Disclaimer for my players: Meinen lieben Spieler, BITTE BLEIBT DRAUSSEN BIS ICH EUCH EINEN LINKS HIERZU SCHICKE! (Note: I started to write this blog post about two weeks ago, but never finalized it till now) Things do not go according to plan. This time, my plan was to provide a -REAL- “one-session-thing” for my […]

FATE NPC: Sir Connerly & his Squire

Originally, I planned to use an NPC knight errant (and his squire) to function as the hook for my next FATE(tm) session (tomorrow evening it will be), but after a while it came to my mind that it would be better to use one of the PC (or more precisely, one of the PC´s ambitions) […]

Encounters at a Rivergate

In December 2017 Miska Fredman released a map on his blog he named The Dwarven Rivergate. A rivergate is basically a small fortress (or large tower) in the middle of large bridge. Manned by a few men-at-arms, it is a good way to keep undesirables out (or to at least hinder their traveling), to raise […]

Beware of the Spirits of the Woods

Do you want strange, supernatural encounters that you can confront your players with when they travel through a forest? Something that is a tad more scary or spooky than an ambush of a pack of wolves or a raging owlbear? Beware of the Spirits of the Woods, my latest pay-what-you-want-title, provides you with six such […]

Enjoy your Aides!

Do you like play aides? I do. Board and card games gain a lot from them, and a RPG session may run much more smoothly with the right aide in the hand of GM and player. The right aide is the tricky part here: it must help with the organization of things, be easy to […]