5 Ideas for Fleshscape

You remember that I told you about Fleshscape, the free micro-rpg about nomadic tribes in a bizarre world of flesh,by Emanuele Galletto? Well, re-read the blog post if you don´t! 😉 After a long while, my muse kissed me and I found time to put down 5 ideas for things to encounter and explore in […]

Using Fleshscape in other RPG

The world of the micro-RPG Fleshscape (which I wrote about in my last post)is a rather special one, and it thereby does not look ripe for adaption at first. But I think that the idea and (most of all) the basic economy of this weird world may be useful for an odd session or two […]

[Spotlight] Fleshscape

Lately, a pay-what-you-want Micro-RPG named „Fleshscape“ caught my attention. The eight page PDF contains a few rules and an interesting idea: the player characters slip into the role of leaders of a primitive nomad tribe (think „stone age“ here, or “early Native American civilization”) in a world where the whole of the surface is a […]