The Early Murders in Sinophia


Unexpected flattery. I have always been (and likely: will ever be) a sucker for positive feedback. One may even argue that “being a glory-hound” was and is the one true driving force behind any of my attempts at publishing, and behind each and any of my fan works, starting with the first posts in the old FFG forum for DarkHeresy.

Somebody who seems to be a fan of my old fan-material went through the troubles of obtaining my email address to send me the following lines:

Hi there,

Much as I hate to bother people personally, I have been desperately searching the internet for a copy of your work on improving Haarlock’s Legacy for DH. If you still have a copy handy, I would very much appreciate it.

Your work has been a huge boon for my friends and I over the years. Please never stop 🙂

Kind regards from Australia,

(Name withheld; out of respect to other people´s privacy)

How could I not try to fulfill this charming request…?

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The Early Murders in Sinophia

All titles of Neoplastic-Press FREE/PWYW

Today I noted that all titles of Neoplastic-Press are FREE or PWYW want now. After the hacking of Plate Mail Games I decided to get into contact with Rafael Chandler before posting the info here, but he quickly confirmed that he is indeed offering his titles like that now.

So, here we are: in front of us, the open door to a small vault full of strange and nasty things. A while ago I have bought Obscene Serpent Religion (mature content, through and through) and while I did not put it to use yet, I really liked the ideas and options it offered.

Lusus Naturae had gained my attention as well, and now I can read through the whole text before I decide if it is for me and how much money I want to give.

And there is more, some of it strictly for free (reads: the publisher will not accept money for it).

So, you fellow maggots and rats, all you fellow harpies and ghouls, you friends of feast and carcass: lets swarm in like a black cloud and sate ourselves, but let us also not forget to thank Rafael Chandler for the generosity AND let us all keep in mind: everything counts in large amounts.

All titles of Neoplastic-Press FREE/PWYW

Let´s loot the swine!

coverIn a few days I am going to release [edit: strike that, it is out now] a new pay-what-you-want title for Mutant Future(tm) at But you, my dear followers, shall have access to it right here, right now. Loot Tables for Pigmen (and other bestial, mutated grunts). And as some do not like to download PDF, I will post the whole content here as well…

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Let´s loot the swine!

[Spotlight] Bonus: Little Book of Dungeons

A while ago, a indie-map-maker going by the name of Crooked Staff Publishing came to my attention. I bought some of their stock art, but never used it till now. But this blog post is not about stock art or about my titles, it is about a nifty little pay-what-you-want title that Crooked Staff Publishing offers, and what one could do with it

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[Spotlight] Bonus: Little Book of Dungeons