The Early Murders in Sinophia


Unexpected flattery. I have always been (and likely: will ever be) a sucker for positive feedback. One may even argue that “being a glory-hound” was and is the one true driving force behind any of my attempts at publishing, and behind each and any of my fan works, starting with the first posts in the old FFG forum for DarkHeresy.

Somebody who seems to be a fan of my old fan-material went through the troubles of obtaining my email address to send me the following lines:

Hi there,

Much as I hate to bother people personally, I have been desperately searching the internet for a copy of your work on improving Haarlock’s Legacy for DH. If you still have a copy handy, I would very much appreciate it.

Your work has been a huge boon for my friends and I over the years. Please never stop 🙂

Kind regards from Australia,

(Name withheld; out of respect to other people´s privacy)

How could I not try to fulfill this charming request…?

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The Early Murders in Sinophia