[LotFP] Chapel of Starvation

I started to play a computer game called Sunless Sea. It is dark steampunk fantasy/horror game where London „was stolen by bats“ (yes, that made me scratch my head, too) and now rests in a gigantic cave at a dark oceaon. Welcome to the Underzee. It is about steampunk, being a captain, exploring the ocean […]

FATE: Vampires in Space (and SciFi)

Vampires in Space. Why shouldn´t the eternal dwellers in the dark invade the cold vastness of space, and those tiny-shiny colonies of life and civilization that dot this uncaring and empty canvas? Well, I see no reason why. But the classic drawbacks of undead would profit form a little adaption once Dracula enters the space-age. […]

It is gone… or is it?

Halloween is now over, and the Blood-Drenched Room disappeared from the lists of the available downloads on drivethrurpg.com. The search engine still shows that it was there, but the page it should lead to is gone. Only the next Halloween will summon it back to our world, unless… Well, unless this blog posts here gets […]