Blood Dark Thirst: a brief review

Bought a game, have an opinion, gonna share it with you!


Blood Dark Thirst, a release by Venger Nas Satanis/Kort´thalis Publishing, is a PDF that weighs in at 22 pages (if you do not count the cover and the artpage at the „inside” of the cover). Reading it in order to get ready to roll may thereby be done quickly. What does this title offer?

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Blood Dark Thirst: a brief review

All titles of Neoplastic-Press FREE/PWYW

Today I noted that all titles of Neoplastic-Press are FREE or PWYW want now. After the hacking of Plate Mail Games I decided to get into contact with Rafael Chandler before posting the info here, but he quickly confirmed that he is indeed offering his titles like that now.

So, here we are: in front of us, the open door to a small vault full of strange and nasty things. A while ago I have bought Obscene Serpent Religion (mature content, through and through) and while I did not put it to use yet, I really liked the ideas and options it offered.

Lusus Naturae had gained my attention as well, and now I can read through the whole text before I decide if it is for me and how much money I want to give.

And there is more, some of it strictly for free (reads: the publisher will not accept money for it).

So, you fellow maggots and rats, all you fellow harpies and ghouls, you friends of feast and carcass: lets swarm in like a black cloud and sate ourselves, but let us also not forget to thank Rafael Chandler for the generosity AND let us all keep in mind: everything counts in large amounts.

All titles of Neoplastic-Press FREE/PWYW

Sins commited with Flesh

I noted some traffic coming in from a blog called Dragons gonna drag, and curious as I am I strolled over to have a look. Seems that the owner of the blog, Justin Stewart, liked one of my posts and listed it in a rubric he called “Blogs that crush like a mace”.

I am a sucker for positive feedback, and so I lapped up the latest posts of him to see if I can return this kindness with something beneficial myself. Something that he may like as much as I liked the virtual padding on the head he just gave me… something that would make me a “good boy”.

Justin plays The Hateful Place, a game I do not know. But I know a thing or two about “potential uses of [insert something unwholesome]”, and Justin was talking out loud on his latest post about ideas for alternate rules for human flesh in a demon-influenced world.

..I hear a harpsichored playing a familiar song right here…

8 Sins committed with flesh (as system neutral as possible):

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Sins commited with Flesh