Sins commited with Flesh

I noted some traffic coming in from a blog called Dragons gonna drag, and curious as I am I strolled over to have a look. Seems that the owner of the blog, Justin Stewart, liked one of my posts and listed it in a rubric he called “Blogs that crush like a mace”.

I am a sucker for positive feedback, and so I lapped up the latest posts of him to see if I can return this kindness with something beneficial myself. Something that he may like as much as I liked the virtual padding on the head he just gave me… something that would make me a “good boy”.

Justin plays The Hateful Place, a game I do not know. But I know a thing or two about “potential uses of [insert something unwholesome]”, and Justin was talking out loud on his latest post about ideas for alternate rules for human flesh in a demon-influenced world.

..I hear a harpsichored playing a familiar song right here…

8 Sins committed with flesh (as system neutral as possible):

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Sins commited with Flesh