Monster for You: Deepcave Bats

Deepcave Bats are an offshot of cave bats. While there is a relation between the species, they have evolved differently (and perhaps the Deepcave Bats have been wrapped by dark influences or mutated by radiation or other contamination: what ever fits your game world). They are larger, and the largest have a body equal to […]

Monster for You: the Eternal Monk

Monster for You is a short series of blog posts with Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible opponents and monsters. I started with the Golden Phoenix-Snake, and now continue with the Eternal Monk. This opponent is more of a guardian than a monster, and it is up to the GM what deity has declared him a guardian of […]

20 Sacred Sites

Hi folks! I have another out on the market: 20 Sacred Sites is a collection of special locations for high fantasy OSR RPG. They are places of magic or divine grace, and likely to be holy (or at least important) to the people in the area. Others are forgotten (or even shunned) remains of faith […]

[OSR]Skeletons for Halloween

If there is a proper time for the oldest, cheesiest and most well-known form of undead in all of roleplaying, then it is Halloween. Bring out your dead! With this blog post, I bring out mine. Well, some of them, as this is actually an excerpt from my Almanac of Animated Skeletons, but who is […]