[LotFP] Chapel of Starvation

I started to play a computer game called Sunless Sea. It is dark steampunk fantasy/horror game where London „was stolen by bats“ (yes, that made me scratch my head, too) and now rests in a gigantic cave at a dark oceaon. Welcome to the Underzee. It is about steampunk, being a captain, exploring the ocean […]

The Cliffs of the Sea of Fog

March 2017 a blogger named Marissa Lawson released this picture on her blog. Since then, I kept the link and waited for a good moment to build an encounter location inspired by it. Back then, the first idea that sprung up in my mind was to write a location for a hex in Carcosa, but […]

20 Sacred Sites

Hi folks! I have another out on the market: 20 Sacred Sites is a collection of special locations for high fantasy OSR RPG. They are places of magic or divine grace, and likely to be holy (or at least important) to the people in the area. Others are forgotten (or even shunned) remains of faith […]

[OSR] The Seven Candles

The Seven Candles have been blessed by a saint (or similar clerical figure of reverence) so that they may help the faithful in times of need. Each of them is equal to a mundane candle of good quality, and will burn up to 12 turns. But furthermore, each candle may provide one of the following […]

A Conglomeration of Broken Things

Lately, I turned Skull Mountain into my personal sequel to Scenic Dunnsmouth, and into a connection to the Veins of the Earth. Of course, this called for a bit of tinkering an adaption. Among other things, I decided to replace a certain statue guardian with something similar to a Gilgamash (p.66), but instead of taking […]

Rowry McCallan & Hr´rak-Karr

The rundown men-at-arms stopped chatting as they saw the young fellow coming down the middle of the road that ran through the village. „Hey! You there! Where do you think you ar´going with THAT thing?“ the first one shouted. „Perhaps he has an oversized nail at home?“ another added. The three burst into dirty laughter […]

Sins commited with Flesh

I noted some traffic coming in from a blog called Dragons gonna drag, and curious as I am I strolled over to have a look. Seems that the owner of the blog, Justin Stewart, liked one of my posts and listed it in a rubric he called “Blogs that crush like a mace”. I am […]