RPG Background Tracks for Free

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Plate Mail Games is offering a small collection of their titles as free bundle over there at drivethrurpg.com. Of course I could not resist and grabbed the package. As my followers already know, I like to use rpg tracks to enhance my sessions, and I mentioned PMG already. So, what does this bundle has to offer…?

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RPG Background Tracks for Free

PMG became the victim of a hacker

According to an email I received (see below), Plate Mail Games has become the victim of a hacker. While no money was stolen, damage was done. Usually, I am not to huge a fan of electronic “help me!” cries in the internet, just because all around the world everybody has some trouble somewhere, and even if one would cut it down to the real, sad problems of people there would be more cries for help than porn or cat videos (yes, I am selfish).

BUT I feel sympathetic (as a small Indie-Publisher), the products that Wes Otis delivers are the bones and meat of my every RPG-session-track list. People that do a good job shall be paid so that they may continue their work (and I may use their products). Plus; I had some of his tracks on my “buy-it-later” list and can afford to buy a track today (which I did: Abandoned Village).

If you feel sympathetic for your own reason, have tracks of Wes Otis on your “wish list” and have the means to afford yourself a purchase, I encourage you to do so.


Hello All, 

This morning I found out that my products had been swtched to $0 and 3200 tracks where downloaded. The theory is that someone got hold of my publisher account password. Luckily, I had recently transfered my balance to Paypal, so no money was stolen. Your information is secure; it’s handled on the DrivethruRPG side. So, for 24 hours, people were able to download tracks for free. I think 99% of the people that did figured I had put the prices at $0 and thought nothing more about it. I’m not rich. My family uses the money we make from sales to pay bills. I don’t charge a lot for my products. There is no real recourse at this point because multiple people downloaded products, and as I said, I think they didn’t understand something was wrong. If I had sold that many products, my cut would have paid my rent and a good chunk of bills. Anyway, here is what I’m asking: if you can afford to get one track today, consider doing so. If everyone was to buy one track, I would recoup the money lost over the last 24 hours. 

Also, I want to thank the customer who recognized something seemed amiss and alerted me right away. That was very thoughtful and I greatly appreciate it.

Plate Mail Games


Wes Otis

PMG became the victim of a hacker