20 Sacred Sites

Hi folks! I have another out on the market: 20 Sacred Sites is a collection of special locations for high fantasy OSR RPG. They are places of magic or divine grace, and likely to be holy (or at least important) to the people in the area. Others are forgotten (or even shunned) remains of faith […]

All the Fun of the Revelry

After I finished my encounters for the Red Cages, I was later asked for some additional ideas for the second part of Tattered Fates: the Revelry. Naturally, I just started to churn out post after post in the FFG forum (nobody complained about the horrible grammar and writing back then). Today, I finished another re-write […]

Beware of the Spirits of the Woods

Do you want strange, supernatural encounters that you can confront your players with when they travel through a forest? Something that is a tad more scary or spooky than an ambush of a pack of wolves or a raging owlbear? Beware of the Spirits of the Woods, my latest pay-what-you-want-title, provides you with six such […]

It is gone… or is it?

Halloween is now over, and the Blood-Drenched Room disappeared from the lists of the available downloads on drivethrurpg.com. The search engine still shows that it was there, but the page it should lead to is gone. Only the next Halloween will summon it back to our world, unless… Well, unless this blog posts here gets […]

Trouble in Sinophia

What I started here, I shall continue with this post. While it will be the last for Damned Cities, but it will not be the last for the Haarlock Legacy: I will continue with some re-releases of fanwork articles for Tattered Fates. Those used to be popular on the FFG forums, and I guess a […]

The Early Murders in Sinophia

Unexpected flattery. I have always been (and likely: will ever be) a sucker for positive feedback. One may even argue that “being a glory-hound” was and is the one true driving force behind any of my attempts at publishing, and behind each and any of my fan works, starting with the first posts in the […]