Beware of the Spirits of the Woods

Do you want strange, supernatural encounters that you can confront your players with when they travel through a forest? Something that is a tad more scary or spooky than an ambush of a pack of wolves or a raging owlbear? Beware of the Spirits of the Woods, my latest pay-what-you-want-title, provides you with six such […]

[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Hi everyone. The weekend is coming a little earlier for me today, and so does my next release: What the Smithy has to offer is another pay-what-you-want, LotFP-compatible title of mine that is now available at The next time your players ask “what weapons and armor are offered for sale?” instead of stating what […]

From the Maw of the Würm came…

I took a break from the game aides (well, I need another good idea) but not from pay-what-you-want-titles. So, I released From the Maw of the Würm came… today, a collection of special attacks for dragon-esque monsters. These are not your regular attacks of “elemental breath” or acid, but were written with a battle against […]

Technology & Magick

…the two are an odd mix, aren´t they? Well, I am an odd guy known to do odd jobs, and this weekend I felt like mixing something old with something new. Something old is a re-hash of my old Lectures of the Tech-Witch, now available with DH2nd compatible rules, right here in my dropbox. Something […]

[Spotlight] Guests for Dinner

„Guests for Dinner“ is a pay-what-you-want, OSR-fantasy dungeon crawl that weighs in at 10 pages, 7 of them including the little OSR run-in-dungeon it is, as well as a quick guide to a nearby town, how and why the dungeon is what it is, and a small (half page) primer on „character-funnel-type play“. The dungeon […]