[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Hi everyone. The weekend is coming a little earlier for me today, and so does my next release: What the Smithy has to offer is another pay-what-you-want, LotFP-compatible title of mine that is now available at drivethrurgp.com. The next time your players ask “what weapons and armor are offered for sale?” instead of stating what […]

A Conglomeration of Broken Things

Lately, I turned Skull Mountain into my personal sequel to Scenic Dunnsmouth, and into a connection to the Veins of the Earth. Of course, this called for a bit of tinkering an adaption. Among other things, I decided to replace a certain statue guardian with something similar to a Gilgamash (p.66), but instead of taking […]

Go and pick up some Junk from the Beach

Hi everyone. This is not an environmental-conscious shout-out (after all, with what magical might shall I have you folks travel to the next beach to do charity work? I am well aware that most of you might be miles away from one, aren´t you?) but a shout-out for my latest Pay-What-You-Want title: Welcome to Junkbeach. […]

[SHA] The Rockyhill Badlands

I ´ve got another one for you folks, and this one is called The Rockyhill Badlands.  It is a set of 25 inter-linked encounters, with their own d100 Random Encounter table. They are meant to create an individual, named region for GM that look for a not-so-nondescript area to put the next post-apocalyptic dungeon into. […]

[MF] Floatgrazers & other Harmless Animals

I am currently writing on my next Mutant Future(tm) compatible Encounter title, and as usually I am going to include some “harmless” animals. Most encounter lists tend to exclude such, as they are neither a thread nor an obstacle and thereby no worthy addition to the game as such. Right? Well, “wrong”. At least if […]

Encounters in a Mutated Swamp [MF]

I like to write random encounter tables. I really do. The inspiration in a nutshell approach one can take with them appeals to me and fits my current (lack of?) writing style. What I am talking about? My latest release, 20 Weird, Irradiated Encounters for a Mutated Post-Apocalyptic Swamp, which I promptly threw onto the […]