[MF] Eight Forms to morph into

The Metamorph mutation (MF p.25) gave me a bit of headache at first. What to morph into if it just changes the appearance and only allows to copy physical stats? Then I thought about the possibilities that come from morphing into anything the Mutant Future(tm)(!) would have to offer. The result was the following eight […]

[BDT] To Feed on Blood

It is all about the blood. During my first Blood Dark Thirst session my players (most of them former V:tM players) were a bit „surprised“ about the rules for the blood pool and its replenishment. One player pointed out that “you need to drink all the damn time”, for there was -no- power that was […]

[LotFP] What is on the mule

Being a GM is about labors of love. Either that, or I am doing it wrong. My current (October 2018) LotFP group (that started out as “the Dunnsmouth Three”; whose adventures may be found here) did not only manage to leave Dunnsmouth alive, but with fat purses as well. Before their next adventure, they decided […]

[MF] 12 Finds in a Repair Shop

Well, the correct title should be “12 Finds in an abandoned Hover-Car Repair Shop in the Mutant Future(tm)”, but the space for meaningful wordpress blog post topics is far more limited than my desire to create mouthy titles. Anyway, here comes a list with 12 finds! The page referencers at the end of each refer […]