Will the Blood-Drenched Room resurface?

On Friday 13th the Blood-Drenched Room, a little piece of OSR freebee that I initially released last year on Halloween, resurfaced again for a limited time. Now, a week later, it is long gone… but still lingers. Do you wish to summon it anew? All that it takes this time are seven (or more) LIKES […]

Strange NPC extras for a village

A player of mine recently stated that whatever I bring to the table as a GM reminds him of certain RPG sessions where I introduce the group to the DarkHeresy (Warhammer 40K) RPG and the planet of Dusk (swamps; oil lamps; horrible monsters, a miserable life). I guess he wanted to point out that I […]

Monster for You: Deepcave Bats

Deepcave Bats are an offshot of cave bats. While there is a relation between the species, they have evolved differently (and perhaps the Deepcave Bats have been wrapped by dark influences or mutated by radiation or other contamination: what ever fits your game world). They are larger, and the largest have a body equal to […]

[SHA] 99 Names for Dragons

Before you go, listen. There is something you should know. There is not only one beast, but four of them. See the mountain peek there in the distance? That is where we believe a great dragon to have its lair. We have not seen it in generations, but the tale goes that it is an […]

Fiend of Mudheath (Session 2; Part 2)

German Disclaimer for my LotFP players: Hallo, mein Spieler. Bitte lest dies hier erst wenn ich es freigebe, sonst SPOILERED ihr euch am Ende. Here is the second part of what happened during the second session of „The Fiend of Mudheath“ (as I played it with my FATE(tm) group. If you just came in, you […]