[SHA] 99 Names for Space Stations

Space Stations are common in many forms of science fiction, especially in the more fantastic variants. Characters in galaxy spanning campaigns will visit merchant outposts,deep space rescue holdouts, rogue hideouts and even pirate holdings. Even the more realistic settings will have a fair share of refueling depots, relay points, way stations and extraterritorial enclaves. And […]

FATE: Vampires in Space (and SciFi)

Vampires in Space. Why shouldn´t the eternal dwellers in the dark invade the cold vastness of space, and those tiny-shiny colonies of life and civilization that dot this uncaring and empty canvas? Well, I see no reason why. But the classic drawbacks of undead would profit form a little adaption once Dracula enters the space-age. […]

[SPOTLIGHT] Miska shares a ship with us

Miska Fredman does it again. The friendly map maker shares another of his patreon supported works with us, and this time it is (what I call a) silhouette map of a small starship. The Jinshen has three decks, rooms with key words and lots of potential Best of all, it is provided under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike […]

Enjoy your Aides!

Do you like play aides? I do. Board and card games gain a lot from them, and a RPG session may run much more smoothly with the right aide in the hand of GM and player. The right aide is the tricky part here: it must help with the organization of things, be easy to […]