[PWYW] 50 Names of SciFi Conflicts

cover_blogDo you need some petty war that is going on at the edges of your universe? Are you playing a merc and want to bolster your background with some battles you have fought in? Will your PC start a salvage operation on some old warship and you want to name the battle it was in? Are the players after some weapon cache from a war of the past to sell the goods on the black market? Or do you just need some inspiration for your „Interstellar Rebellion One-Shot-Adventure“?

50 Names of SciFi Conflicts has you covered. You get 50 names that will serve as an inspiration, on a pay-what-you-want basis with a a preview that shows it ALL to you up front. The license even allows you to use it in your own projects, private and commercial, on a „share-alike-basis“.

..and if you are averse to PDF´s, you get all of the content here in this blog post.

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[PWYW] 50 Names of SciFi Conflicts

About Light Rods

Mutant Future(tm) is mostly known for the wacky mutations and retro-scifi items. But some of the equipment in the „Technological Artifacts“ sections are actually everything but far out and may be easily adapted to more serious SciFi or Cyberpunk settings. One of those items is the Light Rod.

The following is a quote from the (available-for-free) Mutant Future(tm) core rules:

“These rigid 3’ long plastic rods are filled with two chemicals which, when combined by pulling a tab on the rod, glow brightly and intensely. Colors range from vibrant orange to fluorescent blue. The glow provides general illumination, but no heat, to a 50’ area for eight hours. A light rod can only be used once.”

To me, that sounds like a cheap solution for a temporary need of (colored) bright light. The following are ten examples of how these might be used in a given game world. I found out that those little details help the immersion of the players a lot.

Post-Apocalyptic GM´s, take note: those will give you a hint on where your players may find a stash of those items, and why!

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About Light Rods