[Session Prep] Nightmares in Caverns

GM´ing in panic mode. This should not happen, but it does. It happened to me last Sunday. I had my LotFP group at my place again, narrated their return to Spillswick, had them meet ye alchemist (and Turlough), sell and their loot and even had them hooked for THEIR trip to Mudheath… and somewhere after […]

Fiend of Mudheath (Session 2; Part 2)

German Disclaimer for my LotFP players: Hallo, mein Spieler. Bitte lest dies hier erst wenn ich es freigebe, sonst SPOILERED ihr euch am Ende. Here is the second part of what happened during the second session of „The Fiend of Mudheath“ (as I played it with my FATE(tm) group. If you just came in, you […]

Session Rep: Fiend of Mudheath (FATE)

German Disclaimer for my players: Meinen lieben Spieler, BITTE BLEIBT DRAUSSEN BIS ICH EUCH EINEN LINKS HIERZU SCHICKE! (Note: I started to write this blog post about two weeks ago, but never finalized it till now) Things do not go according to plan. This time, my plan was to provide a -REAL- “one-session-thing” for my […]

The Fiend of Mudheath

My LotFP group is going to meet again this Sunday, so I am back to session prep once more. Right now, they expect to travel back to Spillswick (a fictional city at the southern coast of England; about 1530), to sell loot, to re-group and then head out to Dunnsmouth and the nearby Skull in […]

Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P05)

Read here for the start of it all The three left Magda (under the guidance of Herod) and headed north, to visit Albert Dunlop and later Dicky Samson. After a while swamp water dominated the surface where ever they looked and the PC used their poles again to steer their swamp boat. More and more […]