The Fiend of Mudheath

My LotFP group is going to meet again this Sunday, so I am back to session prep once more. Right now, they expect to travel back to Spillswick (a fictional city at the southern coast of England; about 1530), to sell loot, to re-group and then head out to Dunnsmouth and the nearby Skull in […]

[LotFP] The Many-Clawed Wind

It has been a while since I have released my last title, but I just changed THAT by publishing Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.03. As its predecessors, that I have now all bundled up, it was written to be compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and this time it is all about the […]

Encounters for a Purple Island

 while ago I bought myself a copy of The Islands of the Purple-Haunted Putrescence. The name was dropped now and then at Eric´s blog and the reviews at looked like one could give it a try. And of course, little me was curious and on my edge as there was a little flash-sale that […]

[Spotlight] Fleshscape

Lately, a pay-what-you-want Micro-RPG named „Fleshscape“ caught my attention. The eight page PDF contains a few rules and an interesting idea: the player characters slip into the role of leaders of a primitive nomad tribe (think „stone age“ here, or “early Native American civilization”) in a world where the whole of the surface is a […]

6 events for weird, post-apocalyptic campfire nights

I recently updated my old pay-what-you-want product 20 Irradiated, Weird Events for Post-Apocalyptic Campfire Nights and I am in fact lazy enough to make a blog post out of the first six events. So, brace your self for some wacko Mutant Future(tm) compatible shenanigans. And if you like them, get yourself the rest of them.