Just so you know: I am affiliated now

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I am part of the DriveThruRPG Affiliate Program now. That means that from now on my links to drivethrurpg.com will have a little “tag” added to them that helps DriveThruRPG to identfy that little me (my link) have send/lured you there. If you buy something […]

What are you looking for?

Dear readers and followers, the holidays are over, the year is coming to an end. A lot of people concern themselves with what to do next year (or more exactly: what they should do in a different way). I am not one for the grand questions in life (well, not when it comes to my […]

Monster for You: the Eternal Monk

Monster for You is a short series of blog posts with Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible opponents and monsters. I started with the Golden Phoenix-Snake, and now continue with the Eternal Monk. This opponent is more of a guardian than a monster, and it is up to the GM what deity has declared him a guardian of […]

FATE: Vampires in Space (and SciFi)

Vampires in Space. Why shouldn´t the eternal dwellers in the dark invade the cold vastness of space, and those tiny-shiny colonies of life and civilization that dot this uncaring and empty canvas? Well, I see no reason why. But the classic drawbacks of undead would profit form a little adaption once Dracula enters the space-age. […]