[VotE] Post-Battle Cannibalism

The Veins of the Earth are a realm of hunger. Next to nobody can afford to ignore a potential source of food. ALL flesh should be eaten (save for those types known to be poisonous or inedible per se). This article is a about turning a human(oid) corpse into  Veins food measured in silver pieces […]

Lyrics: Theremin, by Covenant

The lyrics of the song “Theremin” by Covenant. A wonderful song for right now. Especially for the voters of our German political party called FDP, and all the others who think that it is a good idea to wait and see what technological quantum leaps the future may hold to solve the problems of today. […]

Gregorius21778 October 2019 UPDATE

Those who have been reading my updates for quite a while will have noticed that I skipped September. The reason is simple: I had nothing new to offer to you at this point. Then again, the virtual world being what it is, you will have hardly missed NOT having another mail coming in. But now… […]

A Religion for the Veins

It´s Toy Time again. After I used the Dark Fantasy Religion Generator to create a “Neutral” heretic/pagan religion for my LotFP games, I now aim for something more dark/chaotic for the Veins of the Earth. My current group began to explore that region, and as they are about to set up a trade route (farm […]