[LotFP] Maze of the Necromancer

Mazes are not places to live a life in. The only exception for this rule is the first (and according to Greek mythologie: only) minotaur. They are simply not made to life in, but to be a hindrance for those that seek to reach the entrance it was designed to protect: its „legit“ exit. Although […]

Dangers in a Sword & Sorcery Dungeon

Sword and Sorcery. Conan-esque heroes and oversized monsters. Half-naked barbarians of every sex spilling blood with broadswords and two-headed axes. Warlocks being their worst and commanding powers granted by sacrifices to demonic gods. Rulers and champions, good and evil, lounging on stone thrones with naked lovelies to their feet. I would lie if I would […]

[SB&CS]The Tanandru System

I am currently writing an adventure for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells(tm), that will send the characters onto a salvage mission into the edges of the Friaz Sector. The following brief system description is part of it.

[LotFP] The Tree That Sees

Blame Ian Borchardt. And while you are at it, blame Samwise Seven as well. For it was Samwise that posted that picture of woodpecker on MeWe.com, and it was Ian that started talking about eyes and birds in a comment. I am unwilling to be blamed for what happens when a mind like mine is […]

[Thoughts]Mechanicus: Little Meat on the Bone

Those who know my internet nickname (Gregorius21778) from the days of its first use in the FFG DarkHeresy forum know I used to be into Warhammer 40.000. Big time. As the computer game “Mechanicus” was released on STEAM, it went straight to my wish list. After it had been marked down, I bought it to […]

Maps Make the Dungeon

I am currently working on an adventure for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spell(tm), and finished the map for the central dungeon. I am -very- thankful for the Dungeon Scrawler. Creating a raw version for a simple map becomes A!LOT!! easier due to this free online tool. To give back a little, I hereby release the […]

[SB&CS] 6 Android Related Jobs

Hi everyone. I just finished another release for Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells(tm). Sentient Androids features rules to use… well, sentient androids… as PC archetype, as well as some additional rules, some bric-a-brac and 15 ideas for droid related jobs. The first six of the latter, I present to you in this blog post.

[SB&CS] Tylor´s Bar&Grill

“Tylor´s Bar&Grill” is small and somewhat shabby bar near a spaceport. Near -any- spaceport, as it is meant to provide fellow SB&CS GM´s (called “Overlords” in the rules) with a place the PC might visit again and again. At least, for a couple of times. Of course, everyone can make their own seedy spaceport bar […]