Food for Immersion

The difference between a puzzle game or tactical fantasy conflict-simulation and a Role Playing Game often lies in the immersion. Part of the task of the GM is to reach out to the players, to help them step through the doors of the realms of imagination (that all on the table should have opened up […]

[LotFP] Shrine of the Future Self

At some point during a work break a few weeks ago, I was scrabbling a dungeon based on my own first name. It is only three letters long, so I used their parts as the hallways and stairs, and added some rooms around them. Very early on, I knew that I wanted this to be […]

[VotE] 10 Spell-Sets for Aelf-Adal

In my current LotFP game, I use the Aelf-Adal from Veins of the Earth and their (in my game) Re-awakened Nightmare War against the Dreamers as cause for much (but not all) of the heinous supernatural occurrences that now begin to emerge in England and the rest of the world.  Naturally, this will lead to […]

[DS&DS] The News Tonight 06-19-20

I think that Robocop was the first movie (at least, the first I know about) that introduced in-film news clips and tv commercials as a way of revealing and expanding the background world of a film. It is not an uncommon feature anymore, and I have seen it put to use in RPG sessions as […]

[LotFP]CS/MC: The Orang-Owl

Hi everyone! In December 2019 I posted a Chaotic Swap/Mix Creature. Now, in 2020, I decided to create a few more. So, I now present to you the Orang-Owl. OSR-stats are provided, and the beast is LotFP-compatible.

3 from Hell – an unnecssary stain

Now, for something completely different…. Yesterday, me and a close friend of mine decided to meet to see some movies together. It has been two month since we have met in person, thanks to corona. The first movie we decided to watch was “3 from Hell”. My pal is a fan of both “House of […]