Gregorius21778 October 2021 UPDATE

November the 15th. Time for my regular, monthly update. As I already mentioned that my Halloween Horrors are out and about again, I will not put them up at the front of this update. Let´s talk about what is -new-. Things To Find Far From the Sunlight and 99 Olms. Both have been written for […]

What Strange Things Are Seen Along the Road ?

A simple question, so perhaps out of context. What is the context? Decide for yourself, and then see what you may do with the provided 20 possible answers. This blog post has been inspired by Roll XX from Neoplastic Press. “Roll XX” was brought to you by The Sentinels of Meregoth (whoever THEY may be)!

[VotE] Six Speleo Spells

Order would demand it that I now continue with the second post of the Tangleshadow Caves. I guess I am not an orderly person. Perhaps not really “chaotic” (in parts, I am much to conservative for THAT), but for sure far away from being an orderly person. Thereby, I will hereby post Six Speleo Spells […]

My Offerings for Halloween 2021

Greetings, fellow roleplayers and friends of the corny excuses to wallow in what one would wallow in anyway. At the end of this month, there will be Halloween again. As I did so in the years before, I release my personal Halloween Horrors again. From now till the end of the month, different horror-themed- Pay-What-You-Want […]


Yesterday, I watched S.U.M.1. A solid, and I dare to say “good” mystery-horror-thriller taking place in a scifi/post-apocalyptic scenario. I liked the performance, I liked the visuals and overall “style” of the movie, I -loved- the end (which I will not spoil here). Best part: all of those strange things DO rather “make sense” or […]

10 Taverns, Inns & Guesthouses

When there is one thing that a Referee of any fantasy/historical game sooner or later needs, than it is a tavern, inn or guesthouse. Even if the adventure does not start in one, traveling PC sooner or later stay in one (and on rare occasions, players have their characters spend their gained riches in one). […]