[DS&DS]Other Supernatural Heritages & Backgrounds

In Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, any player character that is able to use magical powers has a special heritage that links him or her to the supernatural. Based on the exact nature of the character´s heritage, the PC gains one or more smaller additional benefits or powers. I like that, and I like to […]

The Biting Oracle

The Olm known as The Biting Oracle lives in the White Tongue Cave [F]. She is Old, so not as ancient as the truly old of the Olm are. Her skin is a little more „rosie“ than that of other Olms. She is tall, but not taller than it would be usual for an Olm. […]

The Legacy of Donald Trump

The Legacy of Donald Trump is The Divided States of America – Land of the Mislead, Home of the Raging. Everyone that said the same lies as he did, while knowing that they were lies, is guilty of dealing damage to the United States of America that will not be undone in years to come. […]

More d66 Loot for Mörk Borg

When a rife corpse is dropped into a sinkhole full of rats, the little furry fellows will haste to get a piece. Us indie publishers are no different when another RPG shows up that allows 3rd party publishing. We want a piece. Our piece. We have the teeth, don´t we? That entitles us, doesn´t it? […]

I Search the Lobcock

Reading some random character generation tables in the Mörk Borg rules, I took it upon me to write a small LotFP d66 loot list for flunkies, scoundrels and whoever else may end up dead before the PC´s feet. Of course, I would have to title the (following) table, and searched for a nice non-modern insult.

[DS&DS] Maze of the Necromancer

This is a rehash of the Mace of the Necromancer I did for LotFP. While DS&DS and LotFP are different games with different approaches and game worlds that are centuries apart from another, the kind of maze that those that raise the dead may create to secure their hideouts might not have changed much. So, […]

“The Lord of the Forest” for DS&DS

While I initially wrote The Lord of the Forest for LotFP, I think that this creature would lend itself to DS&DS as well. In the context of that game world, it could be something that is both part of the Abyss and part of the world of the faerie, but alien to the latter. Perhaps […]