Monster for You: Giant Scutigera

This pretty little devil is Scutigera coleoptrata, more commonly known as House Centipede or “Spinnenf├╝├čler” (in Germany). I suggest to read the linked wiki article above, they are an interesting species. In case you do not have the time or gusto to do so, I sum up the juicy bits for you. But please take […]

Forgot about FreeRPG Day

*sighs* Folks, I forgot about FreeRPG Day. Well, as last year I do not have anything that I exclusively made for it, BUT I still have lots of Free and Pay-What-You-Want titles in store. Feel free to pick some for free. Happy gaming!

What is strange about the Feast?

A simple question, so perhaps out of context. What is the context? Decide for yourself, and then see what you may do with the provided 20 possible answers. This blog post has been inspired by Roll XX from Neoplastic Press. “Roll XX” was brought to you by The Sentinels of Meregoth (whoever THEY may be)!