MF: Alternate Hit Point Rules

On MeWe, Thaddeus Moore mentioned that he is not really found of the way Mutant Future(tm) handles Hit Points at character generation, and was looking for something that has low level characters start out with less hit points. If you feel like him, this post is for. Advertisements

The Great Fur: Encounters & Features

This is a follow-up to my first post about the Great Fur, a region for Fleshscape that I will flesh out (pun intended!) step-by-step. This blog post includes a table for encounters and features in the Great Fur, based on the Features & Ideas table in the basic rules of Fleshscape.

Gregorius21778 March 2019 UPDATE

As I am not a Caesar, I do not fear the midst of March. I have not been overly productive, and as I might have a chance to be gainfully employed once again I might be less productive in the future. But for now, four releases are ready for you. Let´s start with a pay-what-you-want-title:

More Items from the Black Galley

The Merchants of the Black Galleys trade only in rubies, and only accept payment in gold. This is known to every other merchant in any harbor of Europe that they have ever visited. But those that dare to approach the outlandish merchants in the secluded niches of the ill-frequented harbor taverns may be offered some […]

Fleshscape: the Great Fur

Ever since I picked up Fleshscape and wrote a review about it, I had the idea to create a small region for it. Things being as they are, it is unlikely that I will sit down and turn this into a project with a deadline. So, I rather start an irregular series of articles, which […]

Merchants of the Black Galleys

“(…) but (…) its reputation is bad because of the black three-banked galleys that sail to it with rubies from no clearly named shore. (…) (…). The mouths of the men who came from it to trade were too wide, and the way their turbans were humped up in two points above their foreheads was […]