[LotFP/DnD 5e] Katharina´s Erroneous Arrow

Katharina´s Erroneous Arrow was born out of an innocent-but-funny misunderstanding of an RPG Newbee who had some fancy dice with numbers instead of pips on them. Feel free to share -your- newbee mistakes in the comment section. I will relate them to dear Katharina. [DnD 5e]1st-level Evocation; Sorcerer or Wizard Spell Casting Time: 1 actionRange: […]

[RPG/SG:U] Synthface Mask

To many folks and factions in a Cyberpunk setting, surveillance is king. Facial recognition software is mass market ware, some zones and districts have cameras at every corner. While it is not illegal to hide the own face, it may generate suspicion. Especially when one is the only one wearing a filter mask today or […]

[SG:U] Corp Goon Loadout Generator

Looking for simple 2D6 generator to determine the armament and installed hardware of some corporate employed goons or agents? Look no further. The weapons and armor are mostly “fluffy/kewl description” with an eye on things that are either concealable or at least acceptable for professional security outside a war zone. Get some dice and get […]

[D20] What is the Fixer doing right now?

A simple question, so perhaps out of context. What is the context? Decide for yourself, and then see what you may do with the provided 20 possible answers. This blog post has been inspired by Roll XX from Neoplastic Press. “Roll XX” was brought to you by The Sentinels of Meregoth (whoever THEY may be)!


“SelfieBot” is the colloquial catch-all term of a simple rotor drone that is one of the favorite toys of the semi-professional social media socialites, the self-obsessed and/or those who really-really need more pictures of themselves [compatible with Sprawl Goons: Upgraded]

[LotFP] Black Demon Dog of Depression

In the past I suffered from nervous breakdowns, burn-out and depression. Like a lot of people did and do. Everyone that ever went through therapy will at some point have heard an analogy where depression is described as a black dog that follows you around, that you cannot shake off, that gets in the way, […]

[Haul] Books Have Arrived!

I love it when ordered books arrive. And I especially like it when when my name is written in same 🙂 Thanks a lot, Paul! HARDWIRED may be old, but I have not read it yet. I hope it will give me some ideas and/or the right vibes for the Sprawl Goons: Upgraded game I […]