You like my blog? You might like the following sites as well then!
A great collection of 40K fan material with a focus upon the diverse rules systems
that were release by FFG until 2017 (DarkHeresy, RogueTrader, Deathwatch, Only War, BlackCrusade).
The blog of Eric F. where he releases tons and tons of ideas and free stuff for OSR-games.
It was this blog that introduced me to Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Mutant Future.

Dysons´s Dodecahedron
A wonderful web source for hand-made maps with the best, easy-to-access DIY tutorial I am aware of.

Miska Fredman´s Blog
A blog with lots and lots of beautiful maps.

The gaming blog of Chaosmeister with a lot of good material, especially for cyberpunk
A blog that contains weird and heavy-metal RPGaming. Sadly, it seems that the gnoll went into hybernation at the end of 2016.


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