[LotFP] What is on the mule

Being a GM is about labors of love. Either that, or I am doing it wrong. My current (October 2018) LotFP group (that started out as “the Dunnsmouth Three”; whose adventures may be found here) did not only manage to leave Dunnsmouth alive, but with fat purses as well. Before their next adventure, they decided […]

[VotE] Broken Things; Two

In August 2017 I posted an article on my blog about six different Gilgamash. Each started with a name that I created something out of. Now, in September 2018, I add the missing two parts that will turn those six creations of mine into Gilgamash true to the pattern provided in Veins of the Earth […]

An Adventurer for the Veins of the Earth

I still haven not learned to focus on ONE project at a time. When a muse of one kind or another kisses me, I allow her to capture my attention and follow her to bed for a quick, feverish bout of creativity. But who can blame me for that? Anyway, I am writing on a […]