The Beast of the Steam Pit

Deep below the ground, at the lowest level of a dungeon or cave complex, is a large cave, as large as the taproom of the largest tavern the characters have ever visited. The ceiling is high above the ground (12 feet), and the whole cave is filled with hot steam that raised from a large […]

Monster for You: Demonic Blob

It has been a while since my last post, I hope you missed me. Fractured little me had the fingers in more than one pie, which kept me from finishing anything quick. But this will (hopefully!) change in the near future. In the meanwhile, I have a demonic blob for you, a by-product (but not […]

Monster for You: Dragon Chicken Mutant

There is a blog named LeicesterĀ“s Ramble (which I stumbled about due to the BlogĀ“s that Crush like a Mace section of the Dragons Gonna Drag blog) with an article about a non-fictional chicken breed with godzilla-like feet, and how to turn them into a random monster. Kudos, Master Leicester! I for one will turn […]

Monster for You: irKASHra

As I made the brainstorming for Coldbless Caves, I planned to include a two-headed “Chaos Troll” (a name to emphasize that this creature is even more steeped in chaotic energies than this breed of monster usually is) I named it irKASHra: one head would say its name is Irkash, while the other would fall in […]

Monster for You: Deepcave Bats

Deepcave Bats are an offshot of cave bats. While there is a relation between the species, they have evolved differently (and perhaps the Deepcave Bats have been wrapped by dark influences or mutated by radiation or other contamination: what ever fits your game world). They are larger, and the largest have a body equal to […]