Monster for You: Dragon Chicken Mutant

There is a blog named LeicesterĀ“s Ramble (which I stumbled about due to the BlogĀ“s that Crush like a Mace section of the Dragons Gonna Drag blog) with an article about a non-fictional chicken breed with godzilla-like feet, and how to turn them into a random monster. Kudos, Master Leicester! I for one will turn […]

Monster for You: irKASHra

As I made the brainstorming for Coldbless Caves, I planned to include a two-headed “Chaos Troll” (a name to emphasize that this creature is even more in steeped with chaotic energies than this breed of monster usually is) I named irKASHra: one head would say its name is Irkash, while the other would fall in […]

Monster for You: Deepcave Bats

Deepcave Bats are an offshot of cave bats. While there is a relation between the species, they have evolved differently (and perhaps the Deepcave Bats have been wrapped by dark influences or mutated by radiation or other contamination: what ever fits your game world). They are larger, and the largest have a body equal to […]

Monster for You: Another Blob

Blobs are rather common monsters and appear in a multitude of colors. While not as ubiquitous as skeletons, orcs and goblins, there is no seasoned high fantasy PC that has not faced a blob once or twice already. I wonder if H.P Lovecraft is to blame for those creatures or if there was a blob […]

…and now, a Nightmare Giant

This morning I realized that I was making a mistake: my current incarnation of the Faceless Giant was fitting my FATE(tm) group, but it was not true to the vibe and scheme of my LotFP(tm) game. I started in Dunnsmouth, they had face strange people and weird events. The kind of monsters that make you […]

The Fiend of Mudheath

My LotFP group is going to meet again this Sunday, so I am back to session prep once more. Right now, they expect to travel back to Spillswick (a fictional city at the southern coast of England; about 1530), to sell loot, to re-group and then head out to Dunnsmouth and the nearby Skull in […]