[MF] Eight Forms to morph into

The Metamorph mutation (MF p.25) gave me a bit of headache at first. What to morph into if it just changes the appearance and only allows to copy physical stats? Then I thought about the possibilities that come from morphing into anything the Mutant Future(tm)(!) would have to offer. The result was the following eight […]

[MF] Loot in an abandoned Fire Station

This is a follow-up to my 12 Finds in a Repair Shop, and was inspired by this piece of PWYW-Stockart by JEShields. I used some of his stock art in other projects of mine and can recommend them. While this blog post comes without stock art, it does provide 12 new possible finds for the […]

[MF] 12 Finds in a Repair Shop

Well, the correct title should be “12 Finds in an abandoned Hover-Car Repair Shop in the Mutant Future(tm)”, but the space for meaningful wordpress blog post topics is far more limited than my desire to create mouthy titles. Anyway, here comes a list with 12 finds! The page referencers at the end of each refer […]

Session Prep: The Three in SeptemberĀ“18

Attempts at being smart often end in additional work to be done. I tried being smart a while ago. My LotFP Dunnsmouth group came back from Skullmountain, and would perhaps just have had themselves two nights of rest in Spillswick before they would have returned to there, with refreshed hit points and additional gear. But […]

[MF] Offers at the Mutant Village

Villagers in the Mutant Future(tm) donĀ“t value the same things as adventurers do. To them, life is already dangerous enough. They only venture forth into the unknown when they have to and rather tend to the fields, their life stock and communal projects. As a result, they usually not to have THAT much use for […]