Beware of the Spirits of the Woods

web-coverDo you want strange, supernatural encounters that you can confront your players with when they travel through a forest? Something that is a tad more scary or spooky than an ambush of a pack of wolves or a raging owlbear? Beware of the Spirits of the Woods, my latest pay-what-you-want-title, provides you with six such encounters. None of them should be used as a random encounter, as they are in no case something that may happen each and every day to a group of travelers. They are something  special, that perhaps happens once every couple of month (or even less often), or something that happens in a certain, cursed or hexed part of the woods.

All creatures encountered are supernatural (pixies, sprites and spirits) and chaotic, magical beings. Clerical spells like Protection from Evil will affect them. And as nobody reads my blog for my advertisement, I will give you two examples below.

This product is an independent production by Gregorius21778 and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

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Beware of the Spirits of the Woods

It is gone… or is it?

Halloween is now over, and the Blood-Drenched Room disappeared from the lists of the available downloads on The search engine still shows that it was there, but the page it should lead to is gone. Only the next Halloween will summon it back to our world, unless…

Well, unless this blog posts here gets at least 13 likes. As soon as this happens, I will make the Blood-Drenched Room “public” again, for 13 days.

If you want to summon something, gather a small cult and start chanting *chuckles*.

It is gone… or is it?

[OSR]Skeletons for Halloween

If there is a proper time for the oldest, cheesiest and most well-known form of undead in all of roleplaying, then it is Halloween. Bring out your dead! With this blog post, I bring out mine. Well, some of them, as this is actually an excerpt from my Almanac of Animated Skeletons, but who is going to knock a gift-boneman onto the skull, huh?

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[OSR]Skeletons for Halloween

[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Hi everyone. The weekend is coming a little earlier for me today, and so does my next release: What the Smithy has to offer is another pay-what-you-want, LotFP-compatible title of mine that is now available at The next time your players ask “what weapons and armor are offered for sale?” instead of stating what they are looking for, roll 2-5 times (or: 1d4+1 times) on this list. All prices assume “silver standard”, of course.

This product is an independent production by Gregorius21778 and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

To sweeten my shameless house advertising I add the whole list to the blog post as well. After all, it is pwyw, anyway! But please remember, everything counts in large amounts.


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[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Halloween Horror: The Blood-Drenched Room

This is a Halloween Horror: it will pop up when Halloween comes close, and I hope you find a way to make use of it.

cover-webA new -=freebee=- waits for you at The Blood-Drenched Room

This product is an independent production by me, Gregorius21778 and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

The Blood-Drenched Room is a place that has been formed by mankind murdering and slaughtering another. It may be summoned by a Magic-User (as a special, stand alone version of the Level 1 Summon spell, found on p.134 of the Player Core Book: Summon the Blood-Drenched Room), so that it is just behind the door the summoner opens after the spells has been cast. It has another door that leads out of it, and if the Magic-User was able to dominate the Room this very door may open into any other room were a life was taken and blood was spilled within this very turn. Distance does not matter, all that matter is death and blood. When the spell has been cast successfully, the door it was cast upon will lead into the Blood Drenched Room for 2d6 rounds. Anybody may pass through the door this way. Those who wish to get to the room that physically is behind the door must close it, pass a Saving Throw vs. Devices, and open it again. But once the door is closed once more, it will open up into the Blood Drenched Room again (until the duration ends, see above).

What are you waiting for? Get your copy while it is online! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Horror: The Blood-Drenched Room

A Swarm of Roaches

Cheap movies do not have to be BAD movies. I was reminded of this today, as I watched the 2000-bug-horror-b-movie „They Nest“ (as a re-run on the website of the German TV station tele5).

The plot of this creature-feature centers of a foreign breed of cockroaches that act like an organized hive, has mandibles that allow them to bite AND a poison that allows them to paralyze victims. One or two bites will not bother an adult man, but when a swarm of these creepers washes over a victim, the poor soul will find itself unable to move while some fat, egg-carrying bugs crawl in through the mouth, begin to nest in the stomach area and thereby kill the victim. A few days later, the larva have hollowed out the carcass and a new swarm of bugs is ready to find a victim.

Cheesy as hell, isn´t it? But the effects of the movie were “okay” and !much! better than what Asylum churns out in its movies, the characters did not felt THAT artificial (or: over the top) as they usually do in b-movies. It is not a “has-to-be-seen”, but it is not the wrong choice for a lazy afternoon, neither.

And the movie´s “monster” can be turned into such a nice RPG encounter. Something that will make player characters run, unless they have something like flame throwers or grenades at the ready. Here is my Mutant Future(tm) compatible version of it:

Mutated Nesting Roachswarm:

No. Enc: 1d3 swarms (4 swarms)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 45´(15´)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1 (Engulf, and thereby Confuse and Poison)
Damage: Poison (see below)
Save: L0
Morale: 11

XP: 30 (per swam) are suggested

This is the variant of the basic Insect Swarm (p. 77; MF core rules). A roachswarm will engulf a victim it is in contact with as an attack. Aside from the the effects of Confusion (see modified table below), a character that is engulfed by a Roachswarm gets bitten multiple times and must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison. This Saving Throw will get a (-1) penalty on the second attack, a (-2) on the third and so on. If an early Saving Throw is failed, the character will be stunned and suffers a (-1) penalty on all dice rolls for the remaining turn. On a second failure or on a failure of a Saving Throw with a penalty of (-2) or worse, the victim will become paralyzed for a turn. If there is nobody to help the victim, the swarm will eat some of the character´s flesh (1d4 points of damage) and begin to nest inside of the victim. A dose of Anti-Tox will cleanse the invasion from the victims body, but if none is administered on the second day after the infestation, the character is doomed to die a horrible death on the third day ( and a new swarm will crawl out of the corpse on the fourth or fifth day).

!Confusion ! Nerves ! Panic !!! (d10):

1-3: Victim does not move but attacks the swarm
4-6: Victim does something ineffective and/or stupid
7-0: Victim may act as usual

A Swarm of Roaches