[SHA] The Aberrant Form

Oh, it is so good to be online again! Starting with last Saturday, I was not online against my will (my router gave up on me). All the things I had to read up on today… oh, and this title of mine that had been waiting for its release since the weekend. Yes, dudettes and […]

30 Things to be Afraid of

Page 32 of the Mutant Future(tm) rules book includes an entry about “Phobias” and offers six broad categories ( Technologies, Weapons, Animals, Plants, Common Object and Insects) …and the advise that the GM should work out the details. Well, I am a GM and I am kinda good at working out details. So, I hereby […]

[Spotlight] The Art of JFlaxman

And now, to something completely different. I would like to introduce you to the artwork of the jflaxman on deviantart.com.  I don´t know the person behind this nickname, but from the quality of what I see I could imagine that he is a professional. I personally like After the rain, as it is something I […]