The same snake in different grass

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you a shout that I have converted my LabyrinthLord(tm) compatible Ssssnake-Men! into a powered-by-Fate(tm) version. It is available now via, and a bundle that includes both products for a reduced price ($1.00 in total) is available, too. So, if you need some inspirations for a Snake-men culture, […]

Send in more mooks!

Hi everyone, I just finished another mook sheet for DH2nd, this time its cultists & zealots that you can throw at your players én mass. Furthermore I erected a small, separate space for my mook sheets on my blog so that they are easier to locate. Currently there are four of them in total, I […]

The Forgotten Cloakroom

Sometimes, people revive very old topics. “PrincessOfPilbarra” did so in the by posting a “thank you” under a topic from 2012 where “Treant_on_Fire” started a funny little project: he provided a simple map on his blog and asked the people to fill the rooms (see the original post).  Of course, this was already set […]