Good RPG Music tracks for GREAT prices

Yesterday, a glance at my wishlist at revealed to me that are currently selling there The Adventurer´s Collection Tabeltop Soundtrack tracks for just $0.25 a piece (even less if you take the bundle). Of course, I cleared my wishlist. Here are the tracks I own and recommend, and what for. If you have no use for RPG tracks or don´t trust bloggers that are affiliates, don´t bother to read any further.

So, what do I have and what can I say about it? I will not describe the make-up of the tracks as complete sound samples (!) are provided as a link at each entry, but tell you what to use them for

A Hearts Wish, A Different Fate
Slow and a bit melancholic. Good for the end of hard fought battle, for scenes or places that PC leave with a heavy heart, for the kind tranquility that comes with utter exhaustion after everything is said and done, for “Good bye” moments (like the burial of a fellow PC).

Blood Magic
Very energetic and driven. I cannot link it with “magic” of any kind, but see its use in chase scenes, rushed journeys or pitched battles.

Clash of Warforged Steel
Slow and martial. Even quiet for a title named like that. Still, a good track for hard fought battles or cut scenes where grim heroes march to meet their destiny.

Dawn of a Tranquil Sun
A serene track I would put into play for “happy ends”, where the clouds break up and light finally shines down onto the world. For when a curse is lifted, a family is re-united, a soul is given rest. Or, for the very first night of true rest in a save haven after days and days of nightmare and terror.

Divine Judgement
A heavy piece with choirs and a sacral theme. Good for bombastic temples, holy ceremonies and the raising of the dead by clerics.

Higure Forest
Slow, slightly mystic and very spheric. Good for holy lands or grounds, elven homelands, untouched nature and the domains of non-malevolent, peaceful spirits.

Lacuna, Reflections of Memories
Rather “grand” tracks with a quicker tempo. Good for impressive cut-scenes that are NOT slow or over-awesome in nature. A quick travel over peaceful lands, a narration of (past) events and deeds that are not brooding or foreshadowing in nature. The flow of time between sessions and what changes it brings.

Maou´s Cavern
Slow and slightly unsettling. A good track for a dungeon, cavern or any other place where the PC are wary of dangers and the surroundings are yet to be explored (or suddenly appear in a different, more dangerous light). There is “a breath” that is part of the track which makes it the most suiting for scenes where the players expect an encounter with a monster to happen, or one is literally breathing down their neck.

Moonlight Forest
Slow and with choirs. Good for scenes in the actual moonlight, twilight, meetings with friends under dire yet peaceful circumstances, narrations of negative events in the past or scenes of sorrow.

Reality Grip
Slow, sorrowful track. Good for ends that are not-that-happy, scenes of loss, regret, pity or piety. Might suit “minor” temples and shrines as well, as long as they are peaceful and quiet. Also good for the narration of minor tragedies or remembrance of losses of the past.

The Ninth Layer of Hell
Slow. Doom-ladden. Heavy. If the characters walk into hell, their own demise or the jaws of destruction (and do so with open eyes and a straight back), this is a good track. It is also perfect fr the slow manifestation of a superior evil that comes to reign supreme.

The Undercity
Slow and Foreboding, with humming background choirs. A good track for a dungeon or other place underground. Will fit scenes above ground with a stern, dark and solemn theme, too.

Wander into the Wilderness
Slow and peaceful, but with a “winter touch” to it. It has been my track for “cut scene narrations” in different sessions for a long while, as well as for a “departure in sorrow” (or into the unknown). Good for “clouds at the horizon” type of scenes, as well as for “finally, all is down and well now” events.

These are the tracks I own and have put to use so far. Always check the sound samples for yourself. Happy gaming!


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