Copycat: d10 Benefits for LotFP Fighters

Justin Stewart has released a D10 Fighter Advancement Table for LotFP on his blog . I like the idea of giving a fighter a bit more options than just „+1 to attack“, although this already is a mighty and powerful benefit. Over time, the fighter turns into a character that is unimpressed by most “medium” armor and turns foes that are “untouchable” due to a high AC to something “manageable” (reads: bloody chunks).

Here is my take on such a table. I am hereby guilty of being a copy-cat, as I only work on Justin´s idea. But as he in turn states that his work was inspired by this random advancement system I guess he is not going to ask his personal murder-fairy to serve my head on a plate to him *note to myself: develope a personal murder-fairy and grow over-sized flytraps… *

How to use the table below:
Each time a fighter advances to the next level the player may roll a d10 on the following table and choose to take the stated benefit instead of the +1 bonus. Some benefits are cumulative and may be picked twice or thrice (marked by an ** or ***). If the result is a benefit that the character already has the fighter may choose any other benefit from the table instead.

1# Better moves**: the character may improve either the Press or the Defensive Fighting option so that the penalty of said options are reduce to -2 (instead of -4).

2# Quickdraw: the character may draw (or change to) a non-Great Weapon within a round and attack without suffering the -2 to penalty for “Change Weapons and Attack”.

3# Like a second hide: the character ignores the additional encumbrance points for chain armor and reduces the additional encumbrance from plate armor to +1 point.

4# Its not about honor**: the character gains an additional point in the Sneak Attack skill.

5# Tough***: the character´s maximum hit points are increased by +4.

6# Mighty sword arm**: the character gains a +1 damage bonus to all melee attacks.

7# Steady as a rock: the moral of any retainer of the character is increased by +2

8# Fencer: when fighting with a rapier or a similar weapon the character gains a +2 Initiative bonus.

9# It´s a trap!: when ambushed the character is still only surprised on a roll of 1-2 (instead of 1-4).

0# Bandages & Needles: if a supply of bandages (and perhaps a needle and sinew) is available, the character and up to five allies with at least half of their hit points remaining will recover at least 2 hit points after resting a full day.


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