EFAG: A Spear to Seek Them

The end is near! Well, the end of my EFAG test run is, for today I release number five of six. The dice told me to create a magical short spear, I was not in a mood to argue with them. Read further to find out what else the dice and the EFAG told me, and what I made based on their resolution.

Material: Organic
Color Accent: Brown
Who made it?: Powerful Monster
How?: Mindcrafted Using Psionics
What for?: To bring ruin upon the world
Powers: Guide; Telekinesis

Well, at least it was not created with the help of undead spirits. But how is an organic weapon mindcrafted by psionic powers? Hm. I remember tales of magicians that were able to turn snakes into sticks (and back again). But that is not the same, rather mundane and a simple snake will not bring ruin upon the world. No, I will do this in another way. And the “Guide” power, together with “made by a powerful monster” gives me just the right idea (LotFP compatible stats).

Szereka´s Left

Khoras, a Lich that styled himself “the Seeker of the Gorged Majesty”, once clashed with Szereka, a rival lich. After he vanquished the former countess, Khoras destroyed all of her body but her left arm, the shoulder, the skull and the piece of spine that connects them to another. After subjugating the will of Szereka with his mental powers, Khoras made her stretch into the form of a grotesque spear which tip were her tightly held pointed fingers. The arm became it short shaft and the shoulder and skull formed the other end of it. The reason why Khoras had turned her in such an awkward weapon instead of destroying her outright was her knowledge of her family line. The former countess knew all the holdings, hidden or not, all the crypts and all the traps in them. She had long used those herself as lairs or as a source for further undead soldiers to bolster her guard. This knowledge Khoras wanted to use against all of her blood and against the graves of all her ancestors, and the now enslaved mind of Szereka would answer each and any question in that regard. But the weapon that once was Szereka had more power to offer. The touch of the talon-tip would rob a victim permanently of one point of CON unless a Save vs. Magic was passed, and the wearer could use the weapon for an effect akin to a Knock spell up to four times a day. But after each use (be it for guidance or for the Knock), there is a chance that Szereka´s will might break free again: 2d6 are rolled, and if the result is either a “2” or lower than the actual number of uses that day (resets at dawn), Khora´s subjugation is overcome by the will of Szereka, and the maddened remains of the lich will then strike out against its wearer!

HD:0 / 3 Hit Points
1d4 damage
Unable to move faster than crawling and easy to destroy outside of a grapple.
+2 bonus to wrestling/grapple
Deathtouch (permanent CON damage, see above).

While this is not exactly “doom upon the world” (but just a small part of it: the noble line Countess Szereka once belonged to) and a BIG stretch of the terms “psychic powers” and “telekinesis”, it will work in the context of LotFP.

The final will be a pair of gloves….


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